Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We do not offer any in-person courses. The passage of Texas SB 181 and Texas SB 1480 have made online courses permanently acceptable for alcohol and drug offenses.

The DWI, DOEP, and DWI Intervention classes are state approved and certified. The other classes are court approved.

You must check with that state’s agency to confirm that the Texas state approved first-offender education program will be accepted by them. So far, several states have accepted this course as fulfillment of their requirements.

We send certificates issued by the State of Texas to you by US mail. Certificates are mailed the next day following the completion of the course so long as you have completed all required forms.

No. Courses must be taken in succession as they are offered. For example, for a DWI course taught on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the classes must be taken in the schedule offered/posted.

We give a 10-minute break each hour.

No. Insurance does not cover these classes.

Please go to our contact page and either call us or send us a message.