DWI Intervention Course Policies

Complete this form prior to the first day of the course.

"*" indicates required fields

1. Attendance is required for the entire first day of the course.*
2. Your camera must be turned on and your face must be visible throughout for each session of the course.*
3. You must provide Education Resource with your cause number or case number, probation officer name and email (if applicable), or your attorney’s name and email.*
4. You must remain abstinent from the use of alcohol and other mind-altering substances during the entire course. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in expulsion from the course.*
5. Two (2) absences are allowed, if needed. The absence MUST be made up prior to the next session. Each make-up session is a $60 fee paid prior to the session. A Zoom link to the make-up class will be sent after payment. There will be a $60 fee for interview make-ups.*
6. Tardiness will not be accepted. If you log into the course late, you may be denied entrance and will be required to arrange a make-up session with the course instructor. Sign in at least 5 minutes early so the instructor may begin on time.*
7. No visitors are allowed during the virtual class except during Family Week (modules 9 and 10). Privacy and confidentiality for all participants is required. No one may be in your camera view or just off camera who is not in the class. If there are others nearby, this is a violation of both federal law (CR 42) and HIPPA regulations, which may result in the instructor removing you from that course session to protect the confidentiality of all participants.*
8. Family Week: You are required by the curriculum to bring a significant other, family member, or friend to the two (2) family sessions as noted on the schedule. No young children allowed. Check with instructor/facilitator for age limit.*
9. Audio and video recording are prohibited. Picture taking is also prohibited.*
10. Participation in classroom discussions is expected, as well as completion of homework assignments.*
11. A discharge action plan must be developed and completed in accordance with the curriculum.*
12. Duplicates for lost certificates are $25 each. (Subject to change without notice.)*
12. During class times, you may not be actively working (such as office work, warehouse work, or telework) or multitasking (doing chores, watching TV, etc).*
13. You may not be driving a vehicle or riding as a passenger in a vehicle while attending the class.*
14. Education Resource is a welcoming environment to participants of all genders, ethnicities, religions, backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations. Disrespectful, disruptive, or harassing behavior is not tolerated and will result in expulsion from the course and forfeiture of registration fees. The instructor/facilitator has the final word.*
15. Anything not addressed specifically here but deemed unacceptable by instructor during class is grounds for dismissal/expulsion.*
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