DWI Education Post-Test

Complete the test below when asked to do so during class by the instructor.

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1. In recent years, the percentage of alcohol-related traffic deaths in Texas has:*
2. Administrative License Revocation (ALR) relates to:*
3. Which of the following is an exception to the Open Container Law?*
4. The ability related to driving which tends to be first affected by alcohol or other drugs is:*
5. The fine for first offense DWI in Texas is:*
6. In Texas, a person gives consent to take a breath or blood test when he/she:*
7. Alcohol does the following:*
8. Alcohol or other drugs affect people differently because of:*
9. Which of the following beverages contains the most pure alcohol?*
10. Which of the following may be a defense against intoxication?*
11. Alcohol and most other drugs are mainly removed from the body by:*
12. Which of the following is a factor in determining blood alcohol concentration (BAC)?*
13. The legal definition of intoxication in Texas is:*
14. Alcohol affects vision by:*
15. The objective of a DWI Education course is to:*
16. Which drug is most likely found in drivers who are in fatal vehicle crashes?*
17. The lowest BAC at which all persons have been shown to be affected is:*
18. The average alcohol elimination rate per hour is:*
19. Which of the following affects the rate of absorption of alcohol?*
20. Which of the following is a part of the definition of alcoholism?*
21. Which of the following (of those provided) is the best sign of alcoholism?*
22. A DWI conviction which includes a BAC of .15 or greater results in an additional fine of:*
23. The best long-term way to change improper drunken/driver behavior is:*
24. Combining alcohol and marijuana produces:*
25. A desirable personal action to prevent a future DWI is:*
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