DOEP Post-Test

Complete the test below when asked to do so during class by the instructor.

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1. Which of the Stages of Change refers to the stage when a person has not considered a behavior?*
2. Which of the following is the length of driver’s license suspension for a drug conviction in Texas for persons 21 years and older?*
3. Which schedule of drugs has the highest potential for abuse and carries the severest penalties?*
4. Which of the Stages of Change is the stage when a person gets busy taking action that specifically addresses changing the problem behavior?*
5. The law that required over-the-counter medicine to reveal the contents of the drugs was:*
6. Which of the following drugs has been around since ancient times?*
7. During the Civil War, an addiction to ________ was known as “the soldier’s addiction”?*
8. The part of the brain that controls a person’s ability to process information is:*
9. Which of the following drugs is categorized as a “stimulant”?*
10. Which term listed below explains the following effect of drug use: Repeated exposure to the same dose of drug results in diminishing effect. Therefore, increased doses are required to achieve the desired effect.*
11. Which of the following terms means that tolerance to one drug may also produce tolerance to other similar-acting drugs?*
12. __________ is a condition where loss of control over the use of a drug occurs in spite of unpleasant consequences.*
13. Which term identifies one of the biggest problems in dealing with drug dependency, because it keeps the dependent person from clearly seeing the effects of his/her drug use?*
14. Which of the following has been identified as “HIV high risk” behavior?*
15. The length of time between becoming infected with HIV, and the possibility of transferring HIV to another person is:*
16. The use of drugs by some celebrities mistakenly ____________ impact drug use can have on a person’s life.*
17. Which of the following describes “values”?*
18. Which of the following describes “attitudes”?*
19. Which of the following reflects the latest medical thinking regarding addiction?*
20. Setbacks or returning to old behaviors that may lead to using drugs is:*
21. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of 12-step Support Groups?*
22. Which of the following is an example of Physiological Needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy?*
23. During the Contemplation Stage, the going back and forth between pros and cons of changing a behavior is called:*
24. Which of the following is a reason that planning is important?*
25. Which of the following can act as a barrier to reaching our goals?*
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