Online Courses

All of our courses are taught live via Zoom. All you need to participate is a laptop, tablet, or smart phone and a reliable internet connection. The passage of SB 181 and SB 1480 have made online courses permanently acceptable for alcohol and drug offenses.

DWI Education Program

12 hours – $110

Course Focus:

  • Texas laws regarding DWI
  • Alcohol/drugs and the human body
  • Effects of alcohol/drugs on driving skills
  • Dependency

DWI Intervention Program

32 hours – $275

Course Focus:

  • Alcohol/drug lifestyle
  • Family impact
  • Stress and coping
  • Values and self-esteem

Drug Offender Education Program

15 hours – $120

Course Focus:

  • Stages of change for the individual
  • Laws for drug/DWI
  • Health issues
  • Substance use and dependence

Anger Management/Assault

8 hours – $105

Course Focus:

  • Staying in control
  • Managing stress
  • Avoiding negative influences
  • Develop behavior change plan


5 hours – $105

Course Focus:

  • Values, attitudes, behaviors
  • Positive lifestyle change
  • Goal establishment
  • Stress management

Drugs, Alcohol, & Marijuana Program

5 hours – $105

Course Focus:

  • Personal awareness
  • Values, attitudes, behaviors
  • Trust and responsibility
  • Recognizing and coping with stress

Cognitive Thinking

12 hours – $115

Course Focus:

  • Understanding types of behavior and thinking patterns
  • Stages of behavior change
  • Eliminating “all or nothing” thinking

Additional Services

  • Assessments: Court and CDL/SAP
  • Addiction counseling

For these services, we refer out to Pamm Thomas, MA, LCDC, MAC, AADC-S, NCACII, SAP, Psy.D(c). Pamm also teaches DOEP, DWI Intervention, and DWI Education courses with us.

Need to change your registration?

If you are already registered for a course and need to move your registration to a different date, contact us.


Education Resource is a private company providing a professional virtual learning environment. Since 1997, we have provided a positive, non-hostile educational experience for everyone. We maintain current certification with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation as a certified offender education provider for DWI Education, DWI Intervention, and DOEP.


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