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DWI, DOEP, Theft, Anger Management, and DAMP Classes

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— Locations in Austin and San Marcos, Texas —
Parke South Office Park · Suites 301 & 302
1110 W. William Cannon Drive
Austin Texas 78745
Phone: 512-786-3673
DWI, DOEP, Theft, & Anger Management Classes
Fountain Plaza · Suite 203
1205 State Hwy 123
San Marcos Texas 78666
Phone: 512-786-3673
DWI, DOEP, Theft, Anger Management, & DAMP Classes

NCTI / APPA Certification
DAMP Program
(Drugs, Alcohol, and Marijuana Program)

The Drugs, Alcohol, and Marijuana class is offered at the
San Marcos location ONLY. Please see all detail below.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Marijuana Program (DAMP)
Certification: NCTI/APPA
Education Resource provides an evidence-based curriculum that gives the student an opportunity for the process of change. This class is presented in a factual educational manner to help participants make better decisions regarding self-improvement, values, and responsibility. Upon completion of the course, the participant is presented with a certificate.

 Course Focus:
Personal awareness
Values, attitudes, behaviors
Trust and Responsibility
Recognizing and coping with stress
Effects on the family

 Two 4-hour sessions:

IMPORTANT: See Class Schedule
 Class Location (San Marcos):
Fountain Plaza
1205 State Hwy 123     » MAP «
Suite 203
San Marcos, Tx 78666
Telephone: 512-786-3673

Course Fee (8-hours): $90.00

•  Advance payment is required. » Click for Details «
•  Reschedule Fee: $50
•  Payment by cash

    or by credit card through PayPal

 Class Policies
  • Registration and payment must be completed at least 48 hours prior to class. Payment for class by PayPal, credit card, or cash only. If student cancels class 48 hours or more prior to class start, fee will be refunded less $25. Students who do not attend class forfeit the entire fee.
  • Students who reschedule, must do so 48 hours or more prior to class. A fee of $50 will be charged to reschedule. Student must come to classroom to reschedule and pay reschedule fee.
  • Attendance is required at all sessions as scheduled. Missing a class requires that the student start over and pay again.
  • Late arrivals may be denied entrance and be required to start over and pay again.
  • Use of cell phones, tablets, lap-tops, and other electronic devices are prohibited while class is in session.
  • Disruptive students will be asked to leave and fees forfeited.
  • All forms, tests, and workbooks must be completed as required by state rule.
  • Duplicates for lost certificates are $25 each. (Subject to change without notice.)
  • Guests, children, and pets are not allowed in classroom.
  • Use of tobacco and tobacco alternative products are prohibited in the classroom.