Notice: Due to COVID-19, the governor of Texas signed a waiver for state classes to be taught virtually. Currently, we are offering all classes via Zoom and Webex.

Education Resource of Texas

State and Court Approved
DWI, DWII, DOEP, Theft, Anger Management, and DAMP Classes

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— Locations in Austin and San Marcos, Texas —
Parke South Office Park · Suites 301 & 302
1110 W. William Cannon Drive
Austin Texas 78745
Phone: 512-786-3673
DWI, DWII, DOEP, Theft, & Anger Management classes
| Fountain Plaza · Suite 203
1205 State Hwy 123
San Marcos Texas 78666
Phone: 512-786-3673
DWI, DWII, DOEP, Theft, Anger Management, & DAMP classes

State Approved TDLR Classes:
DWI First Offense
 Driving While Intoxicated
 Drug Offender Education Program
DWI Intervention
 Court Approved Classes:
 Drugs, Alcohol, Marijuana, Program
 NCTI/APPA Certified
 NCTI/APPA Certified
Anger Management/Assault
 NCTI/APPA Certified

Education Resource is a private company providing a professional learning environment. Our goal is to provide a pleasant, non-hostile environment with an emphasis on education. Our classes incorporate power point presentations, videos, and worksheets. Every effort is made to help our students feel comfortable in the classroom. Participant discussion is encouraged, but not required. Providing classes since 1997.

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•  Reschedule Fee: $50
•  Payment by cash

    or by credit card through PayPal
These policies do not apply to
the DWI Intervention class.